Why every Ghanaian business need a blog

Starting a blog can be fun or  burdensome if you know exactly what you are doing. It can be fun if you have enough topics to write about and can be burdensome when you are not creative.

I often advice businesses to start a blog because it helps their customers know more about their products and services and read more about their business vision and purpose.

Main reasons why businesses need a blog

I will discus few top reasons why your business need a blog

Blogs gives you a platform to say more about your business. A lot of times customers know very little about the business but since blogs are updated  often you can update your customers form time to time.

Blogs can be used by business to launch new products and services. Companies can update their customers on promotions, new products and services.

Blogs reveal the human side of the company. A lot of times people see businesses as a robot with no emotions but regular update about life in the company make people feel there are beings working in the company.

Should companies hire freelancers

One question that comes up when i suggest companies to blog is should the business hire a professional freelancer or  get someone in the company to blog. It will be great to get a professional writer in the company to blog but if there is no one up to the task then its always better to hire a freelancer.

How to start a blog

There are basically two ways to start a blog, the first is to signup for a blogging platform and the other is to self host your blog.

For more information on which blogging platform to choose you can click here, if you want to self host your blog please click here


Its advisable for business to have a blog, the benefits are stated above. You can easily start a blog today with a blogging platform. Thanks for reading, please share

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