Where to buy .eg or .com.eg domain

Today we will learn about Where to buy .eg or .com.eg domain. Eg is the domain extension for egypt, so if you have a local business in egypt its better to buy .eg or com.eg domain instead or .com, .org or .net domains.

Important of .com.eg or .eg domains

Good for search engine ranking

You can rank well in search engine searches in egypt because you website is best tailored for their needs. You should definitely get a .com.eg or eg domain is your business in based in egypt or majority of your customers are in egypt.

Large variety of domain name

If you cant buy a domain name because it has been registered then you should at least buy .com.eg or .eg domain. With the new country level domain for egypt you have a wide range of domains to choose from. These domain name is also very easy to remember.

How to choose a good domain provider

There are lots of quack domain providers who later lock your domain and and run away, i once bought a domain from a quack domain registrar and i had to let it go because i couldnt transfer the domain and the registrar went out of business.

It is very important to buy domains from reputable domain registrars, the domain registrar must have been established and active for more than 10 years. Also check the reviews of the domain registrar online before purchasing  the domain.

List of domain registrars to buy .eg or .com.eg domains

Below are some of the top domain registrars for buying egypt top level domain, like i said read the reviews online before making the final purchase


Buying domain name is the first step to establishing an online presence, make sure to keep it short and memorable. Thanks for reading and please do well to share

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