What are the best blogging platform to choose

Are you thinking of starting a blog and need a good blogging platform to start, welcome to this page where i will list the best blogging platform to start that dream blog.

What is a blogging platform

The normal procedure people take to start a blog is to self host them, example you buy hosting package from let say hostgator and buy a domain then install a content management software like wordpress.

This procedure involves a lot of technical knowledge, some hosting providers like dreamhost has made the process easier by offering what they call 1-click install to install wordpress and other content management software. Basically how it functions is you choose the domain you want to install the cms on and click on install, dreamhost will handle creating a user and database and correctly install wordpress.

Even with this innovation buying domains and hosting services requires some level of technical knowledge and due to this many cannot start their own blogs unless they hire web designers which also increases their overall cost.

Blogging platform on the other hands does not require the user installing any software, they just signup and in some few minutes and few steps they have their blog ready. This has help many people who lack the technical know how to start their own blogs.

Alright…what are some of the best blogging platforms

There are tons of blogging platforms out there, both paid and free, but you should be careful which you signup for. Some blogging platform end up displaying advertising on your blog without your knowledge and some even force you up to pay for fees unexpectedly when your blog starts getting traffic

These are the best blogging platforms

Below are the top blogging platforms to choose from. The good news is there are free to start, if you want more features and freedom you can migrate to the paid package

  1. WordPress.org
  2. Medium.com
  3. Hubpages.com
  4. Tumblr.com
  5. Wix.com
  6. Squarespaces.com


Its a great idea to start a blog, blog gives you the freedom to express yourself or your business. Go on and start a blog it is free.Thanks for reading and please remember to share.

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