The shared hosting to start with

Its fun to launch your first website, then you go about telling your friends to visit your website. I still remember when i launched my first website, i printed out flyers and posted it on the walls of houses in my neighbourhood. Today am going to share with you cost effective ways to start your first website.

Why have a website

There are tons of reasons to start a website, in my case i wanted to share my ideas to the world. My website gave me the platform to share my opinions about matters happening around the world. I know you have your specific reasons to start a website and am going to show you how to start a website on a small budget. Getting your first website shouldn’t cost you much.

You need a domain to start

To start a website you need a domain. The domain is the address of your website similar to your phone number. If you give out this address then visitors can reach your website. To make your website domain memorable please keep is short. Use words than can be remembered easily , take for example the name facebook or youtube. You realize these two domain name are short and easily to remember. Your domain name is your identity, keep is cool and short.

The next thing you will need is web hosting. This provides you the storage to store your website files such as the software to run your website and files such as videos, pics and documents.

Why shared hosting

I advise you start with a shared hosting because its the cheapest compared to dedicated hosting, vps hosting or cloud hosting. This will really save you a lot of money on your first blog.

Unfortunately shared hosting isn’t feature pack. You get limited storage space, speed and bandwidth but that shouldn’t be a worry since this is your first blog and you wont get that much visitors unless you are a public figure with huge following on social media.

Best and cheapest share hosting to start with

Below are the best and cheapest shared hosting providers, i will also add their cheapest packages with their prices.

List of cheapest shared hosting and their prices

  1. Hostgator hatchling plan – $122.95/yr
  2. Bluehost shared hosting – $119.16/yr
  3. Dreamhost shared hosting – $31.08
  4. Godaddy shared hosting – $227.52
  5. A2hosting shared hosting – $106.43


Shared hosting is great way to start your website. You can migrate to a more expensive package such as vps which will give more room for growth. Thanks for reading and please remember to share.

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