How to self host your blog

I love self hosting my blogs, there are good blogging platforms to choose from yet i feel self hosted blogs are the best way to go and i will tell you why.

What are the benefits of self hosted blogs

You might ask what are the benefits of self hosting your blogs, the benefits are explained below.

Self hosted blogs give you freedom: The first and most important reason for self hosting your blog is the freedom you get. You decide the themes, plugins and extension and where to host it. You can choose one of the many web hosting providers and also buy domains form your favorite domain provider.

You save money: One reason blogging platforms are expensive is due to the fact that they provide everything you need, the design, domain and hosting. For a web developer like me i can save that money by designing my website. I can also save money by hosting multiple blogs on one hosting provider.

The downside of self hosting

Security: With a self hosted blog you are in charge of your own blog, this means you take care of the security and every aspect of your blog. You are responsible for updating your blogging software, themes and plugins in the case of wordpress. If you fail to update your software you will be vulnerable to cyber attacks.

How to self host your blog

To start you need to purchase a domain, you buy domains from or the two are very popular domain providers.

The next thing to purchase is hosting, you can start with a shared hosting plan from dreamhost, hostgator or bluehost. If you want to save time just buy both domain and hosting from dreamhost, hostgator or bluehost. This will speed up the process.

The next thing is to install wordpress on your server and start blogging.


Self hosting your blog is a great idea as it gives you more freedom and saves you money. If you dont have the technical knowledge i will advise you signup for a blogging platform or hire a web designer to take care of your blogs.

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